Our Investments
We invest in visionary ideas and teams from their earliest stages onwards. We actively support our portfolio companies over their lifecycle and through exits. Our partners build innovative Web3, AI and next-generation FinTech products and solutions.
  • Coinrule
    AI-driven Trading Made Easy
    Coinrule is an AI-driven trading assistant for cryptocurrency trading, allowing you to take full control of your trading while being able to fight back hedge funds and automated bots.

    Notable Co-Investors: James Park (Fitbit founder), Kevin Lin (Twitch founder), and a fund in which Naval Ravikant is an investor.

  • Going Public
    Their Journey. Your Decision.
    Going Public is a groundbreaking series that follows the stories of founders on their capital-raising journey, and for the first time ever, viewers around the world can Click-to-Invest while they watch.

    Notable Co-Investors: AYA Capital Holdings, and Terraform Capital

  • DefiEdge
    Asset Management on Uniswap v3
    DefiEdge is a permissionless and decentralized protocol that connects liqiuidity providers with strategy managers to streamline user investment in Uniswap v3 pools.

    Notable Co-Investors: Wintermute and GSR

  • DeMons
    Reinventing NFTs
    DeMons is a brand-new, gamified community-driven NFT collectible series which plans to create a complete financial ecosystem around NFTs.

    Notable Co-Investors: One Block, Non-linear Research, Block Wolves, and AltcoinBuzz

  • Forkast Labs

    Welcome to the age of data transparency
    Forkast Labs is a Web3 data intelligence media platform.

    Notable Co-Investors: Animoca Brands, Mark Cuban, Sound Ventures, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder), Mark Pincus (Zynga founder), and Sebastien Borget (Sandbox founder)

  • GreenPark Sports
    May The Best Fans Win
    GreenPark Sports creates digital experiences and games for the new generation of sports and esports fans. Their flagship product is a native, free-to-play mobile game played over the top of sporting events.

    Notable Co-Investors: Galaxy Interactive, ADvantage, Passport Capital, Steve Chen, Courtney Reum, Sinclair Broadcasting, SignalFire, Sapphire Sport, DH.VC
  • Jar
    AI driven investment platform for the unbanked.
    Microfinance and investing apps geared towards underbanked and unbanked Indians. Company offers a mix of products including insurance, microlending and microinvesting.

    Notable Co-Investors: Tiger Global Management, Folius Ventures, Panthera Capital, Prophetic Ventures, Yes VC, Adam Nash (WealthFront founder), and Zachary Hargreaves (Founders Fund principal)
  • Niftify
    Your Passion. Your Terms.
    Niftify is on a mission to become a market leader with standards and strong community of NFT enthusiasts: creators, collectors, traders, gamers, and enterprises wanting to buy, sell or trade NFTs.

    Notable Co-Investors: Cointelligence fund, Magnus Capital, MVSTMG.com, Coinix.Capital, Balena Capital, Synapse, Pulse Ventures, Australian Gulf Capital, Gate.io, Stakez Capital, and Darkpool
  • Nine Chronicles
    A Decentralized Fantasy World
    Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. Play, mine, govern together: this world is yours to keep.

    Notable Co-Investors: Animoca Brands, Hashed, Divergence Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Sfermion, Hypersphere Ventures, and SkyVision Capital

  • Snickerdoodle
    Data Ownership & Privacy for Web3
    Snickerdoodle is leveraging AI and data to build a privacy-first, decentralized future where you own your data and the value it generates.

    Notable Co-Investors: Kenetic, Blockchain Capital, Struck Ventures, Tribe Capital, and Zinal Growth

  • Sweater Ventures
    The VC Fund for Everyone
    The right to shape the future belongs to everyone, and the future starts today. Download the Sweater app, and add venture capital to your portfolio.

    Notable Co-Investors: Motivate VC, Eli Broverman (Betterment founder), and Jeff Cruttenden (Acorns founder)

  • Transak
    Facilitating Online Crypto Access
    Transak is a developer integration toolkit to let users buy/sell crypto in any app, website or web plugin using any mode of payment.

    Notable Co-Investors: Sami Start, Yeshu Aagarwal, and Consensys

  • Valkyrie
    Digital Assets and AI Focused Financial Services Firm
    Valkyrie Investments is a leading financial services firm with a focus on digital assets and AI. It has launched a suite of investment products such as ETFs around digital assets. Many of these products are actively traded on public markets like Nasdaq.

    Notable Co-Investors: BONY Mellon, Wedbush, Precept Capital Management, Justin Sun, XBTO, BTC Media, UTXO Management, Charlie Lee, Consolidated Trading, 10X Capital, Brad Mills, and Scott Melker