AI, Web3 and Next-Generation FinTech Investment Strategy

At Rule72 we strongly believe that AI, Web3 and next-generation technology-based products and services are shaping the future of finance. AI will allow for more democratised access to information, investments and data. Web3-driven Blockchain rails can provide for prudent guidance.

We invest in innovative ventures that will leave a pronounced impact across developed and emerging markets.

There is a tremendous opportunity to serve the Unbanked and Underbanked population in the region by supporting "picks and shovels" type of businesses, all while providing access and exposure for our portfolio to the most exciting and accretive businesses that are capable of providing superior risk-adjusted returns.

Investable Themes
Building the next generation of innovative AI, Web3 and technology businesses that will make data, payments and other financial services universally accessible.
Neo-banks built on Web3 and blockchain rails provide easy access in and out of crypto and other assets.
Payments and Remittances
(Web3 and AI)
Web3 will reduce cost and time for both local and cross-border payments and settlements. AI can formalise users' intent into streamlined transactions with Web3.
(Web3 and AI)
AI-driven lending practices are quickly becoming the backbone of how financial institutions put capital to work. Web3 can provide transparency and auditability to these transactions.
(Web3 and AI)
AI-driven derivative products and models, such as exotic futures and options, will help institutional investors with risk management, as well as allow financial institutions to capitalise more creatively on opportunities.
(Web3 and AI)
AI-driven insurance models and products will help companies manage their risks while allowing insurance providers to be more creative in how they provide their services.
Asset Tokenisation
Asset tokenisation facilitates
exposure to real world assets in innovative ways that previously were only available for Ultra High Net Wealth and Institutional Investors.

Asset Management
(Web3 and AI)
A wide range of AI-driven strategies and investment management techniques that can be used to manage both traditional and digital assets will need to be created for retail, as well as institutional clients and investors.
Data Analysis
(Web3 and AI)
AI and Web3 applications are enhancing the capabilities of data analysis. By harnessing AI-driven capabilities Web3 applications can be much more efficient and useful.
Identity and Privacy
(Web3 and AI)
Identity solutions that can distinguish between AI bots and human agents are necessary as AI becomes more prevalent. Web3 rails can provide a web of trust network that helps to build trustworthy distributed identities. A clear privacy preserving identity layer is critical for broader use of AI in the financial world.
Investment Highlights
Our Competitive Advantage
  • Experienced Board & Management Team
    Led by experienced individuals from the traditional and digital finance, investment, AI, technology, Web3 and blockchain sectors. This will provide a 360-degree perspective.
  • Unique Approach to Investing
    We believe that AI and Web3 will take a unique form in the under-banked markets of ASEAN and India. Tailored products will be developed to meet market needs. We will be pragmatic, not dogmatic, when pursuing profit generating investment opportunities across different ecosystems with a focus on global impact.
  • Attractive Access to Opportunities
    Combination of experienced and well-connected directors and advisors will provide unique deal flow and access to global investment opportunities.
  • Piggybacking on Strong Network
    Rule72 taps into our network's growing ecosystem to source projects that have already shown potential for success or have found product-market fit.
Investment Process
Potential investments will follow a robust diligence and approval process
  • 1
    Investment Sourcing
    Opportunities are sourced through a variety of channels
  • 2
    Investment Analysis
    Fundamental evaluation of both the business and technical aspects
  • 3
    Management Review
    Management will review and negotiate opportunities and report on progress to the Investment Committee
  • 4
    Investment Committee Review and Approval
    Committee members will consult regularly on opportunities and meet to review and approve investments